CFA Data Table

Agency Program Name CFA # Region Applicant Name Project Name Project Description CFA Award Amount Contract Executedsort descending Anticipated Completion Date
ESD Business Expansion 39934 Central New York Sullivan Bongio Bazinet Inc. Business Expansion Purchase of a new facility to consolidate and grow operations, another local company and buy large laser cutting table and welder to expand manufacturing capabilities. $150,000.00
DEC Auburn Public Safety Complex Relocation 66208 Central New York City of Auburn Auburn Public Safety Complex Relocation The City of Auburn, in partnership with Cayuga County, will repurpose an existing strip mall into a new regional public safety complex. The facility will be constructed to house the City?s Fire Department emergency services and Cayuga County Emergency Management Office, relocating them from existing flood-prone facilities to the new site at 23-31 Seminary St. $2,000,000.00
DOT Main Line Track and Bridge Rehabilitation, Massena 8299 North Country Massena Terminal Railroad Company Main Line Track and Bridge Rehabilitation, Massena The Massena Terminal Railroad will rehabilitate its main line and yard tracks to safely accommodate unit ore trains for the ALCOA West Plant. Bridges will be put into a state of good repair, new rail, ties and ballast will be installed, and a new switch will be installed to improve the line's connection with CSXT. $1,637,600.34 Friday, December 30, 2016 - 19:00
ESD Arnot Ogden Medical Capital 53866 Southern Tier Arnot Ogden Medical Center Arnot Ogden Medical Capital This project will address structural changes needed to build a cohesive and sustainable integrated healthcare delivery system within the Arnot Ogden Medical Center (AOMC). Structural changes to the AOMC will include the reconfiguration and expansion of the Emergency Department in order to accommodate additional emergency stations, offices, medical residents, telemedicine and workflow. The Medical Center Heart Institute Acute Care unit will be moved and renovated to accommodate a 3,000 square foot observation unit contiguous to the Emergency Department. $1,500,000.00
DEC Ontario County 68180 Finger Lakes Ontario County Ontario County Oneida County will complete an engineering report to explore options to rehabilitate and improve the Honeoye Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant. $50,000.00 Friday, December 8, 2017 - 19:00
Parks Utica's One World Garden 67821 Mohawk Valley City of Utica Utica's One World Garden Utica requests funding for One World Garden (OWG) on Park Ave. The proposed half-acre site is currently a set of three treeless vacant City-owned lots. In addition to a main sanctuary garden area, OWG will create interlinking green pathway networks connecting it to its many nearby destinations. As green infrastructure, the project will also increase rainwater infiltration, mitigate urban heat island, create wildlife habitat and create a welcoming public space with access to nature. $500,000.00
Parks Hoyt House Restoration 2096 Mid-Hudson Calvert Vaux Preservation Alliance Hoyt House Restoration Plans for the adaptive reuse of the Hoyt House complex, which includes the historic Hoyt House ("The Point"), designed by the important architect Calvert Vaux, a cow barn, horse stable, greenhouse, five bay and single bay garages, is to reuse the house as a multi-functional facility for educational programs, arts performances and workshops, fine culinary services, events and other activities. The grounds will be returned to their historic function as a farm for livestock and produce according to sustainable, organic agricultural principles. Programs will be held to benefit school aged children, adults and seniors of the community as part of all of these elements. Since these plans are unique to any other such historic site in the Hudson Valley, we expect to help increase tourism in the Hudson Valley Region and bolster economic activity in the region, helping to stimulate businesses and jobs. The Hoyt House site is located within Margaret Lewis Norrie State Park in Staatsburg, NY and adjacent to the Staatsburgh State Historic Site (Mills Mansion).A crucial element of this plan is the stabilization and restoration of the Hoyt House itself, an 1855 structure that is part of the Hudson River Valley Historic Landmark District. The house suffered from vandalism and a lack of maintenance since being taken over by New York State in 1962. $320,000.00 Saturday, August 30, 2014 - 20:00
ESD New York City Innovation Hot Spot at CUNY 39471 New York City CUNY Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship New York City Innovation Hot Spot at CUNY The New York City Innovation Hot Spot @ CUNY will use CUNY's institutional reach to offer the most diverse set of services and assets to the NYC metro area entrepreneurs. $750,000.00 Friday, December 29, 2017 - 19:00
ESD Burrous Building Stabilization Redevelopment Capital 65718 Western New York TOWN OF WELLSVILLE Burrous Building Stabilization Redevelopment Capital The Village of Wellsville will stabilize and restore the historic Burrous Building into a mixed-use commercial, retail and housing anchor in the downtown core. $1,000,000.00
ESD Calspan Transportation Safety Campus 7252 Western New York CALSPAN ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY CENTER Calspan Transportation Safety Campus Equipmenrt upgrades for tire testing $100,000.00 Monday, December 30, 2013 - 19:00
Parks Livingston Manor Riverwalk 67421 Mid-Hudson Town of Rockland Livingston Manor Riverwalk The Town of Rockland will build the Livingston Manor Riverwalk which will parallel Main Street and connect to Renaissance Park.  The Riverwalk will exist as a township managed easement across 6 privately owned parcels and 1 township owned parcel.  The project will also include streambank restoration. $305,000.00
ESD Orleans County Agriculture Processing Facility Business Park 52748 Finger Lakes COUNTY OF ORLEANS IDA Orleans County Agriculture Processing Facility Business Park Development of the shovel ready site called the Medina Business Park Phase I for future business projects. $600,000.00 Thursday, September 29, 2016 - 20:00
DOL Multi-sector Careers Training 57971 Finger Lakes Veterans Outreach Center, Inc. Multi-sector Careers Training Veterans Outreach Center, Inc. of Rochester will train 553 workers in special populations in web page design, blue print reading, basic electrical fundamentals, small business/entrepreneurship, CompTIA certification, ServSafe food handling certification, welding, electrical work, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 30 hour and 10 hour certifications, culinary arts, security, signal and rigging, firearms, and commercial driving. $100,000.00 Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 20:00
Parks Massena Waterfront Park 55062 North Country Village of Massena Massena Waterfront Park The project will create a public park space which will include an open community pavilion, public restrooms, a dock to provide access to the Grasse River, and a parking area. This project will provide a connection point between the waterfront and the Village downtown area and provide residents and visitors with improved access to the waterfront for various recreational activities including fishing, kayaking, and picnicking. $123,000.00 Tuesday, December 8, 2020 - 19:00
ESD GKN Aerospace Monitor Capital 64709 Long Island GKN Aerospace Monitor GKN Aerospace Monitor Capital GKN Aerospace in Amityville will acquire new advanced manufacturing equipment to increase efficiency and capacity. $500,000.00 Wednesday, August 29, 2018 - 20:00
HCR City of Cohoes Sidewalk Improvement Project 63880 Capital District City of Cohoes City of Cohoes Sidewalk Improvement Project Funds will be used to replace non-compliant sidewalks in the Historic District along Remsen Street from Cayuga to Ontario Streets. $300,000.00 Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 19:00
ESD Square Stamping Manufacturing Capital RC6 68341 Mohawk Valley Square Stamping Manufacturing Corporation Square Stamping Manufacturing Capital RC6 Square Stamping Manufacturing Corporation will construct a 30,000 sf addition to expand manufacturing production capacity and have more storage space. $650,000.00 Saturday, December 30, 2017 - 19:00
Parks Strand Restoration 15579 Southern Tier North Country Cultural Center for the Arts Strand Restoration he Historic Strand Theatre is currently being totally restored and has most of its major systems replaced. Our mission has been to restore the historically significant details as close to 1924 as building code will allow. The restoration began in 2006 and $305,175.00
ESD New Facility Expansion and Renovation 40016 New York City Steuben Foods, LLC New Facility Expansion and Renovation Purchase, renovate and equip a new facility to further develop aseptic food packaging technology. $200,000.00
DOL Medical Coding Training 66313 Western New York Buffalo Arts and Technology Center, Inc. Medical Coding Training Buffalo Arts and Technology Center, Inc. will train individuals in medical coding, combining both content knowledge of the medical coding profession with the problem solving skills and work readiness attributes that will lead to careers in the health and life sciences sector. These graduates will be given transferrable skills for positions in various healthcare settings. $100,000.00
ESD Oneida County Anaerobic Digesters Capital 53943 Mohawk Valley County of Oneida Oneida County Anaerobic Digesters Capital The County will modernize the wastewater treatment facility by constructing two egg-shaped anaerobic digesters. $1,000,000.00 Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 20:00
DEC Moore Hill Culvert 65797 Capital District Rensselaer County Soil and Water Conservation District Moore Hill Culvert The Rensselaer County Soil and Water Conservation District will construct a new modified culvert under Moore Hill Road. The project will allow aquatic species to move upstream and access additional habitat. $22,095.00
DOT Install sidewalks, curbs, bike lanes, and highway appurtenances on Old Elmira Road. 21058 Southern Tier City Of Ithaca Install sidewalks, curbs, bike lanes, and highway appurtenances on Old Elmira Road. Install sidewalks, curbs, bike lanes, and highway appurtenances on Old Elmira Road. $682,500.00 Sunday, March 30, 2014 - 20:00
ESD Expand Ceramic Manufacturing Capacity 19457 Western New York Ceramic Technology Partners Expand Ceramic Manufacturing Capacity Calix Ceramic Solutions, LLC (Calix) GNP Ceramics, LLC (GNP) and Ceramic Technology Partnership, LLC (CTP) will undertake a joint development project to expand their ceramic manufacturing processes to include the manufacturing and supply of sintered silicon carbide. Ceramic Technology Partners will invest $9.5 million and create 42 new jobs. $300,000.00
DOL Rockaways Works 67482 New York City Ocean Bay Community Development Corporation Rockaways Works Ocean Bay Community Development Corporation will implement a multi-sector program to employ NYC residents in the Rockaways peninsula in the healthcare and food industries. This initiative aims to recruit long-term unemployed members of special populations $50,000.00
ESD LEGOLAND Park 43451 Mid-Hudson Merlin Entertainments LEGOLAND Park Merlin Entertainments will development a site in Haverstraw for a new LEGOLAND theme park resort. The resort would include theme park initially, followed on by a LEGOLAND water park and LEGOLAND hotel. LEGOLAND parks typically bring a strong increased economic development to the area, including increase need for lodging and retail space and increased employment to the area. $100,000.00
ESD Staten Island Museum Capital I 65328 New York City Staten Island Institute of Arts & Science Staten Island Museum Capital I The Staten Island Museum will make a $502,984 investment in various upgrades to Building H including: upgraded plumbing, electric and data fixtures, heat pumps, efficient air conditioners and honeycomb blinds, carpeting, and the installation of small kitchenette with plumbing and appliances. $45,000.00 Monday, October 30, 2017 - 20:00
NYSERDA 210 Hancock Street Redevelopment 52863 Southern Tier Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services 210 Hancock Street Redevelopment The Redevelopment of 210 Hancock Street project will transform an entire city block from two underutilized buildings and a surface parking lot, into mixed-use, mixed-income housing and community service space. The project will include the new construction of a 65,000 square foot mixed use building, 12 townhouses and the reconstruction of two city streets to eliminate vehicle traffic and create a pedestrian/bicycle path and playground connecting the site to a larger pedestrian/bicycle network. $516,674.00 Friday, March 30, 2018 - 20:00
DEC Comprehensive System Mapping Program 67122 Capital District Schenectady County Water Quality Coordinating Committee Comprehensive System Mapping Program  Schenectady County will conduct comprehensive MS4 system/program mapping. The project will help the County to identify stormwater discharges into local waterways. $61,500.00
HCR Towpath Preservation Apts 5389 Finger Lakes Conifer Towpath Preservation Apts Preservation and rehabilitation of three buildings containing a total of 97 units of Section 8 senior affordable housing located in the Village of Palmyra, Wayne County.   $1,030,894.00 Friday, November 30, 2012 - 19:00
Canals Erie Canal Bicentennial Exhibition Collaboration 66760 Central New York Canal Society of New York State Erie Canal Bicentennial Exhibition Collaboration This grant will fund a joint collaboration with the NYS Canal Society and the Erie Canal Museum to do state-wide outreach for the Erie Canal bicentennial through the design and fabrication format that will be utilized throughout the eight years of the bicentennial. $39,000.00
Parks Newstead Recreational Trail Expansion Project 27819 Western New York Town of Newstead Newstead Recreational Trail Expansion Project The Newstead Recreational Trails Expansion Project will add 7,500 feet of new accessible paved pathway to Newstead's popular recreational trails system. The proposed trail expansion will be constructed along a segment of the abandoned Canandaigua and Niagara Falls Railroad and will connect existing trails with the town park and expansive Akron Falls Park, allowing the region to enjoy a more comprehensive, cohesive system that unites area resources. $200,000.00
DOL On-the-Job Training 6803 Mohawk Valley Homogeneous Metals, Inc. dba P&W-HMI Metal Powders On-the-Job Training Project will design, install and commission an additional production atomization tower, add dedicated screening equipment, and expand the machine shop. This Mohawk Valley company will provide this training for 36 unemployed New Yorkers. $50,000.00
DOS Mountain View and Indian Lakes Dredging Engineering Report 64102 North Country Bellmont (T) Mountain View and Indian Lakes Dredging Engineering Report The Town of Bellmont, in partnership with Franklin County Soil Water Conservation District and Mountain View Association, will prepare a Dredging Engineering Report for Mountain View and Indian Lakes. The Report will detail actions necessary for removal of excess sediment and restoration of disturbed areas as well as identify sediment disposal sites. Sediment deposition has encouraged invasive plant growth, reduced water quality and habitat, and threatened property values. $39,500.00
ESD New Century Club Capital RC6 68413 Mohawk Valley Bowers Development LLC & Community Initiatives Develpment Corp. New Century Club Capital RC6 Remediate and renovate the New Century Club Building located at 253 Genesee Street, Utica, Oneida County into a mixed-use commercial building. $400,000.00
ESD Brewery Expansion 51455 North Country Ausable Brewing Company Brewery Expansion Ausable Brewing Company will expand its facility and purchase equipment to answer increased product demand. $60,000.00
DEC Walkable Owasco: Construction of Sidewalks and Walking Trail 66388 Central New York Town of Owasco Walkable Owasco: Construction of Sidewalks and Walking Trail The Town of Owasco seeks to reduce vehicle trips and greenhouse gas emissions by constructing sidewalks and a trail linking Owasco Elementary School, Town Hall, Michael J. O'Leary Playground, and the seasonal farmers market at Owasco Fire Department. Work will include design and construction of sidewalks on the south side of Bristol Ave, the south side of Adams Ave, and the east side of Letchworth Street, and design and construction of a walking trail connecting Meadow Lane to Shearin Street. $263,700.00
ESD Morcon Tissue Capital 42081 Capital District Morcon, Inc. Morcon Tissue Capital Expansion including construction of a new facility and purchase and installation of equipment to increase paper manufacturing. $300,000.00 Friday, December 30, 2016 - 19:00
ESD Tupper Lake Crossroads Capital RC6 67951 North Country Tupper Lake Crossroads, LLC Tupper Lake Crossroads Capital RC6 Construct a high quality independent boutique hotel and renovate an adjacent building that will be part of the hotel complex. Includes conference center, restaurant & other amenities. $2,000,000.00 Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 20:00
ESD Village of Patchogue Capital 39652 Long Island VILLAGE OF PATCHOGUE Village of Patchogue Capital The Village of Patchogue will use the grant funds to design documents for parking structures and parking management. Due a successful downtown revitalization the village of Patchogue has seen a significant increase in traffic resulting in a need for additional parking spaces to accommodate growing consumer traffic. $60,000.00 Sunday, April 29, 2018 - 20:00