Title 9 of the Environmental Protection Act of 1993 provides funds for the acquisition, development and improvement of parks, historic properties and heritage areas, and for the planning of such projects. Municipalities and not-for profit organizations with an ownership interest in the property are eligible. The Historic Preservation program requires that properties be listed on the State or National Registers of Historic Places. The Heritage Areas program requires that the project be located in, and consistent with, approved management plans for Heritage Areas designated under section 33.01 of the Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Law. There are long term protection provisions. Grant recipients are required to provide matching funds.

These are reimbursement grants. Once a project agreement is formally approved and conditions met, grant recipients must document project expenditures in order to receive reimbursement. Payment is made upon verification that the work meets State standards and the expenditures comply with State requirements. Ten percent of the grant funds are held until the project is complete. To avoid jeopardizing grant reimbursement, successful applicants are advised NOT to begin work until they formalize a project agreement (including a budget, scope of work and performance timeline) and long-term protection agreement with OPRHP. Award conditions include documenting ownership, incorporation, charities registration, environmental and historic preservation review (SEQR and Section 14.09 of the Historic Preservation Law), OPRHP approval/acceptance of plans and specifications and bidding documents, competitive bidding, EEO and solicitation of MWBEs (Article 15-A of the Executive Law), etc.  

Agency Program Name CFA # Region Applicant Name Project Name Project Description CFA Award Amount Contract Executed Anticipated Completion Date
Parks Brooklyn Bridge Plaza 65356 New York City Brooklyn Bridge Park Brooklyn Bridge Plaza Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, will be the final section of Brooklyn Bridge Park to be constructed. Electrical services will support an ice skating rink extending the outdoor season of the Park and attracting visitors year-round. The Plaza will offer two additional acres of open space and connect the northern parkland of DUMBO with the Park piers to the south.  $500,000.00
Parks Dr. Oliver Bronson House Phase III Restoration 66023 Capital District Historic Hudson, Inc. Dr. Oliver Bronson House Phase III Restoration Historic Hudson, Inc. will continue to restore the Dr. Oliver Bronson House and Estate for public benefit. The Phase III project is transformative, completing the exterior stabilization to secure the building envelope, and starting construction to occupy the house for adaptive reuse.  $487,500.00
Parks Gould Memorial Library Dome Restoration 67487 New York City Research Foundation/CUNY on behalf of Bronx Community College Gould Memorial Library Dome Restoration Gould Memorial Library (GML) is located at Bronx Community College. GML is a 19th century masterpiece of Stanford White, originally built as part of NYU's first campus. The project would pay for an increase in budget costs for the existing restoration work for the oculus and copper roof, which is funded in part by $600,000 from OPRHP in 2010. $500,000.00
Parks Shaw Bridge Restoration 63876 Capital District Town of Claverack Shaw Bridge Restoration The internationally renowned Shaw Bridge, which crosses Claverack Creek (a Hudson River tributary) on Van Wyck Lane, will be restored to its original 1870 appearance, but as a pedestrian/bicycle bridge. Once restored, the bridge with interpretive signage and kiosk will serve as the hub to a walking/biking loop for young and old that will course through the historic hamlet and the countryside, spurring other countywide heritage and agricultural tourism. $170,000.00
Parks Rehabilitation of Historic Nugent Carriage House 65189 Long Island Village of Southampton Rehabilitation of Historic Nugent Carriage House Exterior restoration to the Nugent Carriage House will be completed so that it can continue to be included in the interpretive program of the Southampton Historical Museum’s Rogers Mansion Complex. $210,000.00
Parks JC iDistrict Performing Arts and Conference Complex & Historic Anchor Building Stabilization 66065 Southern Tier Goodwill Theatre Inc. JC iDistrict Performing Arts and Conference Complex & Historic Anchor Building Stabilization Project includes the completion of interior finishes and equipment to expand public access to the theater and become a cultural tourist destination to drive revitalization. $500,000.00
Parks Zim Smith Trail Extension Coons Crossing Road to City of Mechanicville 67502 Capital District Saratoga County Planning Department Zim Smith Trail Extension Coons Crossing Road to City of Mechanicville Saratoga County will construct a multi-use trail to extend the existing Zim Smith Trail at its current terminus in the Town of Halfmoon, east to the City of Mechanicville.  The project is currently in the preliminary design phase and the County has initiated the Right-of-Way acquisition process for the necessary portions to construct the trail. The trail will be paved, providing accessible recreational opportunities for local residents and tourists.  $500,000.00
Parks Hollywood Theater Restoration 63959 Western New York Gowanda's Historic Hollywood Theater, Ltd. Hollywood Theater Restoration This is a multi-phase restoration of the 1926 Hollywood Theater, located in the Gowanda Village Historic District. Work will include plaster, seating and balcony restoration. The re-opening of the historic theater will create jobs, encourage heritage tourism and give local business owners an opportunity to capitalize on this unique historic asset. $498,750.00
Parks Historic Argyle Lake Park Shoreline Restoration 65192 Long Island Village of Babylon Historic Argyle Lake Park Shoreline Restoration The Village of Babylon will stabilize and naturalize the existing banks of Argyle Lake with native plantings to improve the visual aesthetic, provide shade areas, and serve as a natural filter to prevent pollutants from entering the lake. $365,083.00
Parks Family Partnership Center's Urban Park 66143 Mid-Hudson Family Services, Inc. Family Partnership Center's Urban Park Family Services, Inc., will build an urban park that will include greatly needed renovations to the gymnasium including a new efficient HVAC system, ADA-compliant lavatories, a multipurpose divider and bleachers, as well as outdoor fencing and installation of an outdoor badminton/volleyball court and small playground.  $422,576.00
Parks Project Seneca Quality of Life Catharine Valley Trail Connector and Bridge 67747 Southern Tier Village of Montour Falls Project Seneca Quality of Life Catharine Valley Trail Connector and Bridge This project will provide a create a pedestrian bridge over the Catherine Valley Trail system, helping create a multi modal system for bicyclists and pedestrians, connecting to the village parks in Montour Falls from the trial, and creating safer access for pedestrians across NY Route 14 on the State trail. $119,000.00
Parks Albany Skyway Project 64023 Capital District Capitalize Albany Corporation Albany Skyway Project Capitalize Albany Corporation will conduct planning and feasibility studies that will ultimately result in conversion of the northbound exit ramp from I-787 from Quay Street to Clinton Avenue to the region’s first and only highline park. Upon conversion, the former ramp will serve as a promenade, bike route, and linear park making valuable connections, dramatically increasing accessibility to both downtown and waterfront.    $375,000.00
Parks Town of Wilna Black River Waterfront Recreation Park 65202 North Country Town of Wilna Town of Wilna Black River Waterfront Recreation Park The Town of Wilna will contract for professional engineer, landscape and architect design services to identify and document a vision to construct an outdoor waterfront recreation park and ballfield, parking lot, access road and pedestrian and bicycle walkways/trails; and estimate costs to develop 9+ acres of open space.  Listed as an EPA Superfund Site in 2002, efforts to remediate contaminants are scheduled for completion at the end of 2016.  $75,000.00
Parks John Boyd Thacher Planning Trails Project 66196 Capital District New York-New Jersey Trail Conference John Boyd Thacher Planning Trails Project The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference will focus on creating a layout and design plan to build and rehabilitate sections of the trail network in John Boyd Thacher State Park, which have been over used and are in dire need of attention.  High priority projects include the historic Indian Ladder Trail, used by the Mohawk Iroquois Indians to reach Henry Hudson’s trading post, and the Tory Cave Trail, which will improve visitor experiences and enjoyment. $16,693.00
Parks National Historic Landmark Restoration 67816 Finger Lakes George Eastman Museum National Historic Landmark Restoration The project includes the repair and restoration of 68 original windows throughout the mansion and 44 sets of original shutters. Customized, properly-fitted, Preservation Board approved storm windows will be installed to improve energy efficiency while preserving historic elements and appearance. $468,881.00
Parks Fitzhugh Park Renovation and Renewal Project 64091 Central New York The Research Foundation for SUNY (Oswego) Fitzhugh Park Renovation and Renewal Project Fitzhugh Park renewal engages the community to create an inviting park with pathways through native landscapes, playgrounds, exercise and gathering spaces. The project has 4 components: 1) Repurpose basketball courts into multi-use sport courts and improving a grass playfield; 2) playground expansion for teens, children, and preschoolers; 3) a water play area; and 4) seating, pathways and landscaping to create an inviting community space.   $250,000.00
Parks Keeseville Waterfront Park 65281 North Country Adirondack Architectural Heritage Keeseville Waterfront Park Adirondack Architectural Heritage (AARCH) in partnership with the Town of Ausable will create a new public waterfront park on a former industrial site along the Ausable River in Keeseville. AARCH will oversee the project constructing a walkway, picnic area, and fishing access.  The Town will contribute in-kind labor and materials and assume ownership and maintenance once completed. The current owners will donate the property for the purpose of developing a park.  $281,000.00
Parks Green Lakes State Park Environmental Education Center 66202 Central New York Open Space Institute Green Lakes State Park Environmental Education Center The project will rehabilitate and upgrade an historic boathouse in Green Lakes State Park for use as an Environmental Education Center. The Environmental Education Center will enable the park to provide new formal class programs to the region’s schoolchildren; afford expanded research and volunteer opportunities to local and visiting college students and professors; house work that advances stewardship of the lakes; and further promote the park as an ecotourism attraction. $500,000.00
Parks Utica's One World Garden 67821 Mohawk Valley City of Utica Utica's One World Garden Utica requests funding for One World Garden (OWG) on Park Ave. The proposed half-acre site is currently a set of three treeless vacant City-owned lots. In addition to a main sanctuary garden area, OWG will create interlinking green pathway networks connecting it to its many nearby destinations. As green infrastructure, the project will also increase rainwater infiltration, mitigate urban heat island, create wildlife habitat and create a welcoming public space with access to nature. $500,000.00
Parks Clute Park Facilities 64109 Southern Tier Village of Watkins Glen Clute Park Facilities Clute Park is 35 acres with ball fields, ball courts, BBQs, picnic tables, skate park, pavilion, parking, beach, refreshment stand, and bathrooms/comfort station. The current facility is deteriorating from 50 years of use. The new facility will be designed and constructed for year-round use. The park is used by 70,000 visitors annually. $415,700.00
Parks John Sampone Senior Memorial Park 65374 Mohawk Valley City of Amsterdam John Sampone Senior Memorial Park The City of Amsterdam is located in the northeastern section of Montgomery County. The proposed Sampone Memorial Park project would create a green space and playground area that currently does not exist within the entire district. The John A. Sampone Sr. Memorial Park has been in the works for 10+ years and is a priority project for the area since no other park exists within the Southside Culinary and Hospitality District, also known as the Southside of Amsterdam.  $62,000.00
Parks 48 Hudson Avenue Restoration 66295 Capital District Historic Albany Foundation 48 Hudson Avenue Restoration The restoration of 48 Hudson will have a great impact by contributing to the preservation of a highly significant historic property. The outcome will ensure that Dutch architectural features will not be lost. $268,032.00
Parks Hempstead House Roof Repair and Restoration 67924 Long Island Sands Point Preserve Conservancy Hempstead House Roof Repair and Restoration Roof repairs will enable the Sands Point Preserve Conservancy to help preserve the structural integrity of the Hempstead House – the centerpiece of the former Guggenheim estate. $245,000.00
Parks Canal Trail Lock 26 Pedestrian Bridge redecking 64160 Finger Lakes Wayne County Canal Trail Lock 26 Pedestrian Bridge redecking Wayne County will re-deck a former railroad bridge that is currently closed for safety reasons. This project will remove the biggest off-road obstacle to extending the Statewide Erie Canalway Trail to connect with Seneca and Cayuga Counties. $120,000.00
Parks The Olana Farm Education Center 65430 Capital District The Olana Partnership, Inc. The Olana Farm Education Center The Olana Partnership (TOP) will restore Olana’s historic Kitchen Garden. When completed, the Kitchen Garden will be a hands-on laboratory for TOP's school-based, family-centered, and senior citizen focused educational programs.  This project will make a significant contribution to the preservation of one of our state's most important historic properties, to its significance as an educational resource for our communities, and to tourism and economic development in the Capital Region.   $197,878.00
Parks City of Cortland Pool House 66299 Central New York City of Cortland City of Cortland Pool House The Wickwire Pool House renovation project will stabilize, rehabilitate, and update the Pool House adjacent to the Wickwire Pool. The most important element to be added, is an ADA ramp into the building. Other elements that are in need of renovation include new shower and bathroom fixtures, lighting will be replaced throughout the building, and the decaying tile floors will be replaced, as well as cracks in the walls of the building, ensuring that the structure is sound and safe for all users. $407,586.00
Parks Ingalls Avenue Shoreline Park 68051 Capital District City of Troy Ingalls Avenue Shoreline Park The City of Troy seeks to acquire land on President St. between Ingalls Avenue and Middleburgh Street in Troy upon which the City intends to ultimately construct a park with environmental and historic interpretive amenities to support the funded boat launch construction immediately adjacent to and north of this Park acquisition site. This park could become the Gateway entrance to the Erie canal.  $454,006.00
Parks Church House Rehabilitation 64343 New York City Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Flatbush Church House Rehabilitation The project will restore the 1796 Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Flatbush, the oldest building within their complex. The church was designed by architect-master builder, Thomas Fardon, and is the third one to be constructed on its site, which originally dates to 1655 as the home to this congregation.  The church is an “extremely rare example” of the rural Federal-style in NYC.  The project consists of masonry repair; steeple repair, door, window and roof restoration. $500,000.00
Parks Harlem Valley Rail Trail State Route 22 Crossing 65447 Capital District Harlem Valley Rail Trail Association Harlem Valley Rail Trail State Route 22 Crossing The proposed mile long trail segment, in Columbia County, will link a completed portion of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail.  The proposed crossing will result in a potential 28 miles of continuous trail between the Wassaic Metro North Train Station and the hamlet of Hillsdale.   $285,000.00
Parks Sullivan County OW Rail Trail Project 66453 Mid-Hudson County of Sullivan Sullivan County OW Rail Trail Project Sullivan County will advance work being done to complete the 50-mile stretch of the O&W Rail Trail that traverses the County from Summitville to Livingston Manor.  Funds will be used to analyze completed and undeveloped segments and develop a regional plan with cost estimates for repairs, upgrades and new segments. $127,000.00
Parks Hudson River Park Pier 26 Science Play Area 68165 New York City Hudson River Park Trust Hudson River Park Pier 26 Science Play Area Hudson River Park requests planning funds for the design of a specialized science play featured playground and in-water pier platform at Pier 26. This will serve as an outdoor extension of the Park’s Pier 26 estuarium building – a future estuary education center to be operated by Clarkson University and its programming partners including New York Hall of Science and the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.  The Hudson River Park presently receives 17 million visits each year.   $500,000.00
Parks Haldane Center Improvement Project 64471 Central New York Town of Richland Haldane Center Improvement Project The Town of Richland is seeking funds for the Haldane Center Improvement Project to increase use of the facility; attract new users; improve access to recreational opportunities; expand educational opportunities; decrease energy consumption; and reduce operation costs. It includes work at the Haldane Memorial Arena, construction of a pavilion, resurfacing the 1-mile walking trail, installing fencing and workout stations, and the expansion of educational signage throughout the property. $280,061.00
Parks Open Space Acquisition Ryan Property 65573 Long Island Town of Smithtown Open Space Acquisition Ryan Property The Town of Smithtown will purchase property located in Fort Salonga for preservation and passive recreation. $500,000.00
Parks Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens Restoration 66520 Western New York County of Erie Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens Restoration The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is located in the Frederick Law Olmstead designed South Park (National Registry). Erie County is seeking assistance to restore and repair the historic greenhouses.  The work will include interior and exterior remediation, hazardous materials sampling, testing and abatement, extensive structural work, masonry repairs, aluminum framing replacement, wood restoration and replacement, plaster repairs, painting, window repair and replacement of glazing. $500,000.00
Parks Ashokan Rail Trail 68355 Mid-Hudson County of Ulster Ashokan Rail Trail Ulster County will convert 11.5-miles of the County-owned Ulster & Delaware Railroad corridor into an accessible, shared-use trail along the northern short of the Ashokan Reservoir. The Project extends from West Hurley to Boiceville and will be open to the public without fee or permit year-round for running, walking, bicycling, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. $500,000.00
Parks Walkway East Entranceway Visitor Improvement Project 64553 Mid-Hudson Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge Company, Inc. Walkway East Entranceway Visitor Improvement Project The Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge Co. will use funding to build a Welcome Center at the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park's east entrance which will feature permanent rest rooms, a covered gathering area, water fountains, vendor pads with electric access, benches, lighting, landscaping and other amenities suitable to accommodate the 500,000 visitors Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park hosts annually.  $500,000.00
Parks Mill Brook Preserve Development 65603 Mid-Hudson Village of New Paltz Mill Brook Preserve Development The Village of New Paltz will build pedestrian/ bike path bridges and amenities and form 3.3+ miles of recreational trails on public lands in the heart of New Paltz. The project will fund a landscaped parking area and trailhead with a kiosk, two types of trails, signage, benches, educational panels and other improvements. Within the network of trails, there will be a 0.5+/- mile segment of universally accessible trail constructed that supports use by persons of all ages and abilities.  $317,997.00
Parks Restore Coles Decorative Painting plus Fire Suppression System 67041 Capital District Thomas Cole Historic House Restore Coles Decorative Painting plus Fire Suppression System This project will restore and protect a unique and internationally acclaimed tourism asset: Thomas Cole's home and the newly discovered hand-painted decoration he created on the walls and to add a fire suppression system. The expected outcome is the complete restoration of the earliest known interior decorative painting by an American artist, increased visitation, and the preservation and protection of the Main House. $417,650.00
Parks Prospect Park Water Quality Project 68540 New York City Prospect Park Alliance, Inc. Prospect Park Water Quality Project Propect Park's and Brooklyn's only Lake is suffering from toxic algae blooms which impacts the ecological health of the entire park and denies access to this highly used recreational feature of the park. This unusual project will combine a unique pilot study for reducing phosphorus loading in the lake through ecoWEIR technology. The project will be incorporated into two sections of the park, including an area requiring baseball field reconstruction. $394,473.00
Parks Fredonia Barker Commons Project 62587 Western New York Village of Fredonia Fredonia Barker Commons Project Barker Commons is the central feature of the Fredonia Commons Historic District. Improvements will initiate the development of a multi-phased/systematic plan to update the park making it more attractive for programming & visitors. Improvements to the Commons that the proposed grant will provide will include metal fencing along all 8 sides, landscaping, pedestrian ramps, replacement of concrete walkways, updates to lighting fixtures and the two historic water fountains, and gateway monuments. $310,544.00